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Senior Pet Project: JoeJoe

JoeJoe the 9-year-old Australian Bulldog-x came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home in early September as a lost dog. He was uncomfortably skinny and had an array of senior dog health issues that needed urgent attention, including skin masses, alopecia (hair loss), arthritis, hip dysplasia, dental disease, eye discharge and a dark spot on the cornea of his left eye.

JoeJoe was given medication to soothe his discomfort while a plan for his treatment was devised. Due to his size and the number of his health concerns, JoeJoe’s treatment was divided into stages to ensure the best outcome and least discomfort. A few weeks ago, he received initial surgery for his dental disease, where a number of teeth had to be extracted. He had x-rays on his hips and his skin masses were removed and tested.

Test results showed JoeJoe’s skin masses were symptoms of skin cancer and a disease related to sun exposure. Because JoeJoe is a light-coloured dog, he is more susceptible to sun-related damage. The poor gentleman had an aggressive skin cancer on his scrotum, so he will need further surgery to remove the scrotum and prevent recurrence. His x-rays also brought concerning news – he has hip dysplasia in both hips and degenerative joint disease of the spine. Fortunately, dogs with these conditions can live comfortably for many years with proper care and pain management.

Soon, JoeJoe will receive his second stage of treatment, including another round of dental surgery, scrotum removal and assessment of his eyes and joints. The discharge and dark spot on his eyes don’t seem to bother him too much, but depending on his diagnosis, he may need to see an ophthalmologist to ensure he retains vision and comfort.

Despite his compiling list of health concerns, JoeJoe is a super sweet and friendly dog who loves greeting everyone, showing off his tricks for treats and going on walks. He just likes being around people!

Once JoeJoe is in tip-top shape, he will be looking for a home where he can live his best life and give his humans all his love and affection. JoeJoe does require a little extra TLC, but we’re confident this senior sweetheart is well worth it!

Since JoeJoe is a golden oldie, his vet costs are covered by donations to the Senior Pet Project, which had outstanding support from our community this year. If you would like to help senior dogs like JoeJoe, consider making a donation to the Senior Pet Project today.

Updated 8 November 2021

Return & Earn Hero Vaughn

After raising $500 for Sydney Dogs & Cats Home in 2020 through Return & Earn and community donations, 13-year-old Vaughn hoped to double his fundraising efforts in 2021 to $1,000. Thanks to the ongoing support of friends, family and the South Sydney community, Vaughn was shocked to raise a total of $2,000.10 for Sydney’s lost and abandoned pets between February and October this year.

Last year Vaughn’s fundraising drive earned the attention of local media and public figures who labelled him a ‘local legend’, so many local businesses and neighbours were keen to chip in to help him reach his 2021 target. In total, Vaughn collected $789.90 in monetary donations and 10,101 recyclable drink containers. When returned at Reverse Vending Machines for 10c per container, this raised an additional $1,210.20!

Vaughn told us he’s grateful for his friends, family, businesses and local government who helped make his fundraiser such a success.

“Bunnings donated two bins and my sister and friends did a letterbox drop,” he said.

“The man who owns my local IGA donated $500 which was amazing! My local MP Mark Coure kept advertising my fundraiser and my mum’s friend Sophie Cotsis MP also came and donated. We had both sides of government supporting me.”

Vaughn’s friends and family helped him spread awareness and collect bottles, with his Uncle Pete and cousins ‘the biggest heroes’, transporting containers in their ute to Reverse Vending Machines. Vaughn also wants to acknowledge his amazing friends who donated drink containers, including Aaron, Alana, Anthony, Charlie, Archie, Victoria, John, Arthur, Noah, Sarah and Matthew.

While Covid tried to put a dampener on Vaughn’s collection efforts, closing Return & Earn Reverse Vending Machines across Sydney, Vaughn’s fundraiser persisted throughout lockdown. Vaughn extended the deadline to mid-October, and thanks to all his previous promotions around the community, bottles and cans continued to accumulate on his family’s front yard.

Vaughn said one of the highlights of this year’s fundraiser was getting to know more people, especially his neighbours.

Previously Vaughn had hoped to double his fundraising goal each year, but having smashed this year’s target, he’s got a new plan: “I don’t want to have a goal next year; I just want to see how much we raise.”

Vaughn’s 2021 fundraiser is another enormous effort from Vaughn, whose fundraising will go towards the continual efforts of taking care of Sydney’s lost, abandoned and neglected pets.


Published 29 October 2021

Huckleberry Blossoms After Surgery

At first glance, Huckleberry looks a little rough and scary, but this distinguished gentleman is anything but! Huckleberry came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home early September malnourished with patches of missing fur and scabs and lesions on his skin. After a vet check, we discovered his teeth were in bad shape, making it difficult for him to groom himself, and he was positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV).

Huckleberry reminded the SDCH team of a recent resident Trifle, whose similarities were freakishly alike – strong but sweet personalities, similar boofy appearance and almost identical health concerns. Despite his health challenges, Trifle found a home within weeks of his availability, so we have high hopes for Huckleberry. He’s a very special boy!

Huckleberry recently had dental surgery including teeth removal, and he is now far more comfortable and even sticks out his tongue – making him look even more handsome. Now that his teeth are sorted, he’s enjoying getting back to grooming and making his fur nice and healthy.

When Huckleberry first came to the Home, he was quite shy and made sure you knew when he was displeased with a little hiss and a paw-raise. He has been given a special spot in reception so he can get used to people. Huckleberry is now dishing out some solid headbutts, has become smoochie and social and has recently discovered the joys of playtime! As soon as our staff open his pod, he’s straight away at the front to say hello and enjoy a brushing.

Huckleberry is currently recovering from his dental surgery with the help of his Hill’s Pet Nutrition adult wet food, which is soft on his gums and helps him gain much-needed weight. His scabs and lesions have been healing well and don’t seem to be an issue. He is looking for a new home he can rule, where he can lazily watch the days go by and enjoy his humans’ company.

If you think Huckleberry is the cat for you, send an enquiry via his adoption profile.


Published 29 October 2021