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Alumni Spotlight: Alfie

Rachel and her family were devastated when their previous dog had sadly passed away at the age of 12, leaving their home feeling empty without a four-legged friend. They decided to introduce another furry friend into their home and her 7-year-old son said “let’s give a dog a home who doesn’t have a home” which led them to find Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

Rachel and her family came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home to meet some of the dogs available for adoption when they came across Alfie (Alf). He appeared quite nervous but there was an instant connection when Alf licked Rachel’s sons’ hand through his enclosure and they have been inseparable ever since that day in 2019.

Alf now enjoys swimming and joining his family on adventures on their boat and sitting up the front and watching the water and he loves playing ball. He is also a superstar at dog agility as well. Alf will not so subtly tell Rachel when it’s time for his treat by standing at his treat drawer and look at Rachel until he gets one and he loves to place his paw on his human’s legs to get their attention.

Rachel’s advice to anyone thinking of adopting a rescue animal is “if you have space in your home and your heart, adopt a rescue dog because the love they give you is like no other!”


Published 31 October 2022

Frightened and Frozen to Friendly and Flourishing  

When Tandy (previously Charlotte) came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home she was a scared and timid, but friendly dog unsure of where she was, the new people around her and what her life was about to become. During her first few days, Tandy was frozen in fear whenever staff would take her out of her kennel for exercise, or when attempting to get her into the car to take her on adventures at the local dog park. But with time, affection and of course, treats, Tandy started to come out of her shell. 

Amanda and her family made the decision to welcome another dog into their home after losing their 15-year-old dog last year. They had previous experience with SDCH, having adopted their other dog Koda and knew the staff would help them find their perfect match. “The staff were so helpful and patient as we met with multiple dogs over 2 visits,” says Amanda, “Tandy was the last dog we met, and she was the perfect mix of cuddle bunny and goofball.” 

Welcoming Tandy into their home has been a great addition and completed their family. Tandy has helped Koda become less stressed and anxious and Koda has been a great support for Tandy as she settled into her new home. The two are inseparable and do everything together including playing, going on walks, napping, sunbathing and even chewing from the same bone or toy. Tandy, who thinks she is a tiny lap dog and not a Staffy, loves to spend her time on her human’s laps receiving all the love she deserves. 

Amanda praises the staff at SDCH for making the adoption process positive for her and her family and noting that for each dog they met, the staff provided thorough information including their temperament, likes, fears and history if they knew it. When Amanda brought Tandy to the SDCH vet clinic for desexing, she was worried Tandy would think she was being returned, but she greeted all the staff with a wagging tail, and lots of affection and was relaxed and happy while receiving treatment. 

Without the ongoing support from the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home community, dogs like Tandy may not be given the time, patience and support needed to find their confidence, let their personalities shine and find their forever homes. 

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Posted on 10th October 2022

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