Alumni Spotlight: Alfie

Rachel and her family were devastated when their previous dog had sadly passed away at the age of 12, leaving their home feeling empty without a four-legged friend. They decided to introduce another furry friend into their home and her 7-year-old son said “let’s give a dog a home who doesn’t have a home” which led them to find Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

Rachel and her family came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home to meet some of the dogs available for adoption when they came across Alfie (Alf). He appeared quite nervous but there was an instant connection when Alf licked Rachel’s sons’ hand through his enclosure and they have been inseparable ever since that day in 2019.

Alf now enjoys swimming and joining his family on adventures on their boat and sitting up the front and watching the water and he loves playing ball. He is also a superstar at dog agility as well. Alf will not so subtly tell Rachel when it’s time for his treat by standing at his treat drawer and look at Rachel until he gets one and he loves to place his paw on his human’s legs to get their attention.

Rachel’s advice to anyone thinking of adopting a rescue animal is “if you have space in your home and your heart, adopt a rescue dog because the love they give you is like no other!”


Published 31 October 2022