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A Side of Butter

Butter the cat came to the Home in March 2022 where he instantly won over the staff with his strong headbutts and extremely friendly personality. It was difficult to take any photos or videos of him as all he wanted was to rub himself on you and receive all the pats and cuddles he could get!

There may have been a reason why Butter has the sweetest personality, the vet team discovered that Butter has diabetes in a consultation. If managed correctly, animals with diabetes can live long and healthy lives, but it would take a special type of person to commit to the ongoing medical care that a diagnosis such as diabetes presents.

The search was on to find Butter’s special someone who would commit to daily medical care and showering Butter with the love he deserves. While Butter was featured on the SDCH social media pages quite frequently, encouraging anyone to inquire about Butter and learn more about his diabetes and how to manage it, there wasn’t anyone out there who was willing to give Butter the life he deserved. Until SDCH staff member, Campbell met Butter for the first time.

Campbell, who is the Maintenance & Logistics Officer at the Home, was transporting Butter to Sydney University Vet for additional vet care when Campbell discovered Butter was a diabetic cat. Butter turned on the charm, showing Campbell how friendly and smoochy he is. Campbell says his decision to adopt Butter after that was “A no brainer. This condition would have prolonged his stay with Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.”

Lucky for Butter, Campbell has had experience with diabetic animals having owned a cat who developed diabetes in the last 5 years of his 13 years with Campbell and his family. Campbell adapted quickly, educating himself about what was involved and seeking professional advice. Soon, he created a strict diet and a routine of 12 hourly intervals of insulin dosing and regular trips to the vets to monitor blood glucose levels and adjust insulin doses as required. It is safe to say that Butter is in the best hands possible!

Butter has settled quickly into his new home, including adjusting to life with new siblings; a cat brother named BeeGee and two dog brothers named Toby and Dudley who have all welcomed him into the home. Campbell says, “Butter is very happy exploring and has his comfort zones to chill whenever he wants.”

Campbell’s advice to anyone thinking of fostering or adopting an animal with special needs is; “Go for it! Once you receive your thorough instructions on how to manage your pet’s condition, they’re not too much different to an animal without a medical condition.”


Published 12 May 2022

Lily the Adventure Cat

Sara and her partner Chris had been looking to find an adventurous pet to fit into their lifestyle and be included in all their activities. Having previously had an adventurous dog and cat, they were hoping their new pet would be willing to walk on the lead and join in on all their journeys. They were so committed to welcoming a new pet into their lives, that they even moved house as their previous landlord didn’t allow pets.

Sara and Chris saw Lily the kitten on the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home website and were hopeful they had found their match, especially as Lily’s profile stated she was ‘adventurous, playful, curious and friendly.’ When they met Lily at the shelter, they fell in love immediately and every plan to “sleep on it” flew out the window. “We were so smitten with Lily that we took her home then and there,” says Sara.

Lily became accustomed to her family being home during the pandemic and taking every opportunity to snuggle up and play with her new family, but her favourite activity is going on her daily walk. Sara says, “if I do not take Lily for a daily walk, she howls at the door and looks at me incredulously.” Apart from her walks and snuggling with her humans, Lily enjoys playing fetch, chasing the laser pointer and becoming a ‘doona monster’, running under the sheets and quilt when Sara and Chris attempt to make the bed.

Lily embarked on her biggest adventure yet when her family relocated from Australia to America earlier this year. Travelling through several countries and states on planes, trains, buses, shuttles and finally a car to get to her final destination of Connecticut. Lily has settled into her new life in America well, enjoying her daily walks even more now as she has gotten to know the local animals well, chasing the squirrels and bumblebees and chatting to the new birds. Sara hopes next winter when there’s snow on the ground, Lily will join in on sledding adventures.

Sara encourages anybody thinking of adopting to do so, “there are so many animals without loving homes and just remember that a pet is a big commitment but one you will not regret. The staff at SDCH clearly love all the animals in their care.”

If you are thinking about adopting a pet, check out all our pets available for adoption on our Adopt page here.

Published 11 May 2022

Rescue Awards Launch

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home were excited to host the Companion Animal Rescue Awards launch event. The awards, now in its 5th year, aim to inspire rescue groups and animal shelters to continue their efforts in saving lives during challenging times, such as during the pandemic and the recent flooding in parts of Australia.

A small celebration was held at the Home’s Strathfield shelter with Rescue Awards Founder, Cathy Beer, awards judge Dr Anne Quain, Sydney Dogs & Cats Home General Manager and previous Award finalist, Melissa Penn, and the award sponsors, Josh Wheeler from Ivory Coat and Alisha Saliba from PetRescue.

The award categories include Outstanding Rescue Group, Volunteer of the Year, Outstanding Animal Shelter and new categories including Ivory Coat People’s Rescue Story and Ivory Coat Foster Care Story.

This year, the awards have 21 judges from a variety of different backgrounds of expertise, including companion animal welfare, rescue and sheltering, veterinary, animal behaviour, and rehabilitation. Lara Shannon, animal welfare advocate and Host of Channel 10’s Pooches at Play returns as an ambassador for the Rescue Awards.

Nominations are open now until the 31st of July 2022 with the finalist to be announced 14th of September and the awards set to take place at the end of the year in November.

Pet adopters can share their story and enter here. Foster Carers can share their story and enter here. Find out more at 

Published on 6th May 2022

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