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Django’s Perfect Match

Bondi Behaviourist’s Ian Shivers recently adopted Django from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and has this wonderful advice for people looking to welcome a new dog into their lives….

When choosing a dog, as hard as it is we should select the dog for our homes with our heads rather than our hearts.

When I was looking for my boy I set out what I was looking for by being honest with myself about my situation.

While I love big dogs, I wanted a dog that was small, because I rent and that can make things easier in the future if I move home.

I live with a cat and so he had to be cat friendly.

I love to exercise, but when I thought about it… this is my alone time and so I didn’t actually need a high energy dog because I exercise for me rather than my dog.

I also prefer taking my dogs to places to relax with them such as quiet walks, picnics, cafes and pubs rather than dog parks so again not a highly active dog.

I work with dogs every day of my life, so I didn’t want a project. This meant choosing a dog that was good with children, adults and other animals.

And finally although I work from home sometimes, he does have to be left alone and so a dog that is comfortable with this was important so that I didn’t stress him out when I leave.

The other things I wanted with my heart was a male dog, a scruffy dog and one that was a bit older so that I could take on a dog that perhaps others might not.

I weighed up my options and waited patiently, there were many dogs that I could have taken home but didn’t quite fit the bill. Little Django came in and since then it’s been plain sailing, he’s a legend of a dog who has done nothing but bring happiness to my life and the only credit I can take is that I was honest with myself and waited patiently for the right one, he did the rest by just being him.

Everyone is different and lives different lives, some people will want the exact opposite from me and that’s perfect. Getting a dog requires commitment no matter what and even the best thought out plans go off track but if we all take the time to assess our situations and be patient when choosing then it is likely fewer dogs would end up in the shelters.

Thank you to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home for being patient with me when helping find Django as well!

And thank you Ian for providing Django with such a great home.  Bondi Behaviourist works across Sydney, with dog behaviour issues and the training of pet dogs.  Their aim is to create a closer bond between people and their dogs, helping rebuild any parts of the relationship that may have broken down.  Learn more about about Bondi Behaviourist and there services here.




Senior Pet Project Update: Bluey’s Happily Ever After

At 15 years of age, Bluey found himself lost and homeless.  He was picked up as a stray and brought into Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.  When no one came forward to reclaim this senior gentleman the team set about finding Bluey a forever home where he could enjoy his twilight years.

Given his advanced age and arthritic condition we were concerned that it might take some time to find that one-in-a-million person willing to take this boy into their home and heart.  Although the entire team had quickly fallen in love with this affectionate old soul, we knew it was best for Bluey to be placed into foster care while we searched for his ideal retirement home.

Thankfully we had a couple of foster carers ready to provide Bluey with a temporary home.  Amy and Mish, who had previously fostered a high-energy young, active dog for us realised with their full-time work schedules their lifestyle would be better suit an older, less active dog.   So Amy and Mish took Bluey into foster care.

In less than a week, Bluey also enchant Mish and Amy who made the decision to adopt him.  They realised they could give Bluey the home, comfort and support he needed in his final years.  “We’ve had to adapt our lives very little and in return we have a loving, loyal, complete goofball as a companion,” said Amy. “Coming home after a long shift and having a very happy, excited Mr Bluey waiting to greet me is the best stress reliver ever,” she continued.

Amy also has some very good advice for people looking to adopt, “Don’t focus on the breed, gender, colour or age of a dog.  Focus on a dog that will fit your existing lifestyle and you’ll end up with a loving companion you deserve and who deserves you.”

Bluey has blossomed in the care of Mish and Amy, growing healthier and stronger in his new home.  He’s gone from only taking very short 5-10 minute walks to playing and running at the beach for 1-2 hours.  He’s also learned to play catch.

If you are interested in adopting a senior pet or even providing temporary foster care to a senior that may come into the Home please contact the team on or call 9587 9611.

Life and Love with Lorenzo

In the past two months we’ve welcomed nearly 300 cats and kittens at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, including several who tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) during the routine health check that we provide.

FIV is a viral disease that affects the immune system of cats. It makes them more susceptible to illness, but with proper care FIV cats can lead long, healthy, loving lives.

FIV is not transferable to humans or other species (e.g. dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc). It is commonly spread through deep bite wounds, which would typically occur during aggressive fights between cats over territorial disputes. The virus is also transmitted via seminal fluid and in the womb of an FIV-positive mother.

As the virus only lives within the infected feline it is unlikely to spread to a non-FIV cat. However our team recommends that FIV cats be rehomed as an ‘only cat’ or with other FIV positive felines as even domesticated cats can have spats resulting in bites which could transmit the disease.

FIV cats also need to be indoor-only cats. With a compromised immune system keeping them indoors reduces the risk of them contracting a disease or infection from other cats, parasites, fleas or ticks. Cats with FIV also require a diet that excludes raw meats because of the risk of parasites.

Currently there is no cure for the disease, but it is easily manageable through treatment, diet and care. Cats with FIV are living happy and healthy lives, bringing much joy to their owners.

Our current resident Lorenzo has FIV and has been patiently waiting in foster care 137 days to find his forever home. If you think you could offer one of our lovely FIV friends a home please contact the team at

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