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Neptune’s Living with FIV

Since the beginning of the year Sydney Dogs and Cats Home has welcomed more than 400 cats and kittens through our doors. Several of these purr machines, like Neptune, have tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) during our routine health check.

FIV is a viral disease that affects the immune system of cats. It makes them more susceptible to illness, but with proper care FIV cats can lead long, healthy, loving lives.

FIV is commonly spread through deep bite wounds, which would typically occur during aggressive fights between cats over territorial disputes. FIV is not transferable to humans or other species (e.g. dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc).

As the virus only lives within the infected feline it is unlikely to spread to a non-FIV cat. However our team recommends that FIV cats be rehomed as an ‘only cat’ or with other FIV positive felines; even household cats can have spats resulting in bites which could transmit the disease.

We also recommend that FIV cats be indoor-only cats. With a compromised immune system keeping them indoors reduces the risk of them contracting a disease or infection from other cats, parasites, fleas or ticks.

Currently there is no cure for the disease, but it is easily managed. Cats with FIV are living happy and healthy lives, bringing much joy to their owners.

Neptune arrived at the Home four days ago and we hope his owner will still come forward for him.  However if Neptune’s human can’t be found he will be one of several FIV residents waiting to find their forever home. If you think you could offer one of our lovely FIV friends a home please call the team on 9587 9611 or email

Baby Girl Finds a Home

Baby Girl waited in the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home cattery for more than 20 weeks to find her forever home.  Originally adopted from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home as a three-month-old kitten, Baby Girl unfortunately found herself back at the Home due to a change in her adopter’s circumstances.

Baby Girl had been living a quiet apartment life in an adult household as the only cat for just over two years.  Not surprisingly finding herself as an adult back in our cattery was a bit overwhelming for her.  However, thanks to the patience and care of our wonderful team of volunteers and staff Baby Girl gradually came out of her shell a little bit each day.  Eventually this shy girl would even pop down from the top shelf of her pod to greet and get a pat from whoever came in to visit her.

Finally, just the right human came along to offer Baby Girl her perfect home.  Baby Girl is one of the 181 felines we have been able to rehome during our January and February adoption drives.

Sadly even in March we still have kittens and cats arriving each day.  If you are interested in adopting one of these precious pets please go to the Adopt Page of our website to see who’s still looking for a human to call their own.  If you are unable to adopt please consider a donation to assist us with the costs associated with desexing so many cats and kittens.

A Tale of Hope

Hope arrived at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home just before Christmas and the team was immediately concerned for her wellbeing. She was afraid and suffering with severe weeping eyes and patches of raw itchy skin on her body. Pain relief was promptly provided to alleviate her misery.

Taking an extra gentle approach the team soon had this scared girl coming out of her shell and giving them kisses. Having no microchip, we were unable to locate Hope’s owner and no one came forward to reclaim this beautiful but neglected girl. It was estimated that Hope was approximately 6 years old, and the team turned their attention to getting this girl fit and healthy, ready to find her new loving family.


Our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Christine Cole diagnosed Hope with bilateral entropion, a painful condition in which eyelids are inverted, causing the eyelashes to constantly rub and scratch the eyeball.

This condition required surgery to alleviate Hope’s discomfort and prevent it from permanently damaging her eyes. Hope also needed in-depth investigation to properly diagnose her skin condition as well as a major dental clean and desexing surgery.

With the generous support of our community we were able to raise just over $5,000 to help cover the cost of Hope’s much needed veterinary care.

We are now pleased to report that Hope’s surgery was a success, her skin condition is resolving and the best news of all - Hope has found a new loving forever home!

Bo Bounces Back

Bo arrived at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home early in the new year.  A beautiful older Labrador, Bo walked well on lead, knew a few tricks and had obviously been someone’s much loved pet.  Sadly, Bo was not microchipped and no one came forward to reclaim him.

So after 7 days Bo was transferred into the care of Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.  It had been obvious from the moment Bo entered the home that he had a large mass protruding from his left hock.

Our Chief Vet Officer Dr Christine Cole took a biopsy of the mass and sent it off to pathology for diagnosis.  The results revealed that Bo had a Mast Cell Tumour, the most common skin tumour found in dogs.  The team immediately set about liaising with our third-party off-site vet clinic to organised a suitable time and access to a surgical theatre in order to surgically remove the tumour from Bo’s leg.

Sadly when Dr Cole began operating on the tumour she found that the mass had infiltrated the surrounding tissue and tendons.  There was no way to remove the tumour leaving sufficient margin of healthy non-cancerous tissue.

An otherwise healthy and active dog, the team decided the best treatment option for Bo was to remove his left hind leg, ensuring the cancer was completely removed.  Once again access to the third-party vet clinic was organised and the surgery booked in.  The operation went smoothly, Bo being an ideal surgical candidate.

Post – op Bo was brought back to the shelter for observation and within less than 24 hours he was up and negotiating his way around the admin office.  As no one, despite his beautiful demeanour and handsome good looks, has expressed interest in adopting Bo he will now go into foster care while the surgical site continues to heal.

The team estimates Bo is approximately 9 years young and should have a good five years ahead of him.  He’s such a great dog and would make someone a wonderful companion.  Please contact Sydney Dogs and Cats Home if you think you could provide Bo with the care and loving home he so justly deserves.

Fund our life-saving clinic to help pets like Bo

Bo’s case is just another example of the team having to juggle schedules to fit into the available time slots at an offsite vet clinic.  We are currently seeking donations to fund the build of our own vet clinic which will be integrated into our new Home in Kurnell.  So far we have raised $80,000 to cover the cost of the essential, life-saving equipment that will be needed.  We are still seeking to raise and additional $120,000 to cover the cost of the complete build and fit out.

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