Senior Pet Project

Big, small, young or old – at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, we do not discriminate, which is why we are introducing our Senior Pet Project to shed light on the benefits of owning a senior companion.

Before the surgery….

Current resident, Zeek is a Rottweiler X who we estimate to be about 14 years old. He came in as a stray from the Fairfield Council area and arrived with a large lump on his chest and feeling a bit sorry for himself. The lump was removed by our Shelter Vet, Christine Cole, and ever since the surgery, Zeek’s personality has been shining through and we’ve discovered he’s a dog who acts much younger than his years.

His story doesn’t end there though, as he is now available for adoption and looking for a loving home where he can spend his golden years.

Zeek is one of many senior animals coming through our doors and while they are just as deserving of a forever family, they can often be overlooked for a younger pet.

Recovered and ready to find a forever home.

There can be the misconception that older animals are no longer interested in playing and only sit and lie around, however we have found that so many of them, while they do enjoy their relaxation time, will still have plenty of energy and enthusiasm for walks and playtime – they often don’t know their own age!

Adopting an older companion can also be beneficial in that their new owners won’t necessarily need to go through the training which is required when adopting a puppy, as many are already toilet trained with basic training skills.

Like Zeek, a number of these senior animals arrive requiring veterinary assistance. As Sydney’s only charity pound, we rely on donations to help us provide the medical attention they require, so that we can give them that second chance at life, even if it is just for a few more precious years.

Please help us give the best possible care for these beautiful old souls by making a donation today.

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  1. I would like a dog, but I am 72 years with not as much energy as when I was young. I am able to walk a dog one or two times a day, with a big park near by. I live in an apartment ans go out to play bridge and my pet would be home alone for 4 hours several {3} times a week, . so would prefer a dog that did not bark if possible. I am also a pensioner and unable to pay for high vet costs. I would prefer a female dog. Do you have any pets that would suit me.?

    • Hi Maria, thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the only dogs we have at the moment that would be suitable are our senior pets and they all would need regular vet work and care.

  2. Is Zeek still looking for a home? We are an older couple who lost both our rescue girls a few years ago. A beautiful soul Maddie, Rottie X and a poor lost soul Newfy, Gypsy. We are happy to home the large breeds but would prefer and older dog..just like us! My husband had a stroke many years ago and I am his carer so we are home most days and rarely go out at night so any lovely old dog that lives with us has company nearly 24/7.

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