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Backpacks Unsuitable For Pets

We have all seen cat owners carrying around their furry friend in cute bubble backpacks, especially in online videos and photos. The pets look cute to humans, but are these bags safe and comfortable for the cat?

Benji the cat would attest that NO! these bags are not safe and are rather scary. Benji was abandoned on the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home doorstep in one of these cat bags. While these bags may look handy and convenient and makes cats look like little space travellers, these bags are uncomfortable, stuffy and makes cats like Benji become scared and frightened of people, making it difficult for them to trust.

When Benji was finally released from the confides of these bags, he spent the next 3-weeks frozen in the corner of his enclosure and refused to interact with any of the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home staff. He finally felt comfortable and safe enough to accept pats, and he is now the sweetest, smoochy and cuddliest cat who is now looking for a forever home he can feel safe and comfortable and never has to be confided to one of those cat bags again!

Let’s have a closer look as to why these on trend carriers are not ideal for your pets.

Leaves no place to hide

Cats love having small spaces to hide and to make them feel calm and secure. Cats have extremely strong senses, so some environments can be overwhelming. Cat backpacks don’t allow for your pet to seek refuge away from an overstimulating environment. Having your cat exposed in these bubbles, can lead to unnecessary stress and trauma.

Not enough room

Cats need to lie down or curl up to completely relax. Cat backpacks only allow enough room for cats to sit up and doesn’t allow for adequate room for food or water.

Hot & stuffy

Cat backpacks tend to be made from plastic which traps heat. They also radiate your pet’s own heat whilst sitting inside. The ventilation holes don’t allow for adequate air circulation and can create an uncomfortable environment of heat and stuffiness.

Although these carriers allow for pet owners to have their hands free and look trendy and cute to others, they are not suitable transportation devices as they pose a health risk to your cat. Traditional cat carriers allow for proper ventilation, an area to hide and adequate space for food and water.

If you own one of these bags, or know someone who does, we encourage you to use traditional carriers for your cat’s health and safety.

If you would like to give Benji the comfortable and safe home he deserves, you can view his adoption profile here:

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