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Read heartwarming tales about wagging tails and warmed hearts.

Lexie’s Incredible Journey

Lexie when she first arrived at Sydney Dogs & Cats HomeAlexis (better known as Lexie) is probably a familiar face. It’s hard to forget the sad, forlorn face of Lexie the Border Collie, who captured hearts as the face of our Best Friends Campaign in May and June. From the moment Lexie came into the care of Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, her journey from a painful and extremely sad dog to a friendly and beloved family pet has been awe-inspiring.  

 Lexie arrived at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home in February of this year with some of the worst skin disease the Head Vet had ever seen. She was covered in fleas, her skin was infected, thickened and red. She was so itchy that she had lost most of her fur. Additionally, Lexie was undernourished, desperately requiring TLC. Our vet team quickly devised a comprehensive plan to tackle her skin disease. Through medications, supplements, and a tailored diet, they began her recovery. Placed under the watchful care of Sydney Dogs & Cats Home Foster Carer Annie, Lexie embarked on a journey of physical and emotional healing. 

 Annie’s dedication to earning Lexie’s trust and providing a safe haven was nothing short of heroic. From patiently sitting by her crate to creating enticing, dog-friendly meals to entice Lexie to eat and take her medication, Annie proved to be the steadfast support Lexie needed. As days turned into weeks, Lexie’s progress became evident, and her true personality emerged, marked by both friendliness and a touch of sass. 

 Without Annie’s persistence and unwillingness to give up on Lexie and with the help of the team at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, Lexie wouldn’t be in the position to have met Jeff and Jane.  

 Jeff and Jane had recently lost their rescue Border Collie x Jack Russell who they had for 15 years and felt like they had so much more love to offer a rescue dog, so they began searching for their perfect match. They saw photos of Lexie when she first arrived at the Home, sad, frightened and in such poor physical condition and then saw newer photos of her in foster care with Annie, where she was much happier, rediscovering the joy of being loved and taken care of. Jeff and Jane were determined to give Lexie the chance to receive the love and care she deserved.  

 Lexie after her rehabilitationAfter engaging in meaningful discussions with the Home’s team regarding Lexie’s needs and being aware of their capacity to provide her with love, time, patience, and resources, Jeff and Jane, who had a wealth of Border Collie experience having cared for three in the past, submitted their application. Before long, they had the privilege of meeting Lexie face-to-face for the very first time. 

 For Jeff and Jane, it was instant love. While Lexie was initially timid and anxious, her loving and sweet nature quickly shone through, and it wasn’t long before she approached for pats and a quick cuddle. Jeff and Jane say they were quietly ecstatic by this and were excited to go for a walk with her around the block. They also had the chance to meet Annie at the meet and greet, who answered all their questions and queries and gave them invaluable advice and tips that she believed Lexie would benefit from. It was clear to Jeff and Jane just how much care Annie and the team at the Home gave  Lexie and they would not want anything less than total commitment and love from potential adopters.  

 Annie has been an integral part of Lexie’s transition to her new home with Jeff and Jane, from being Lexie’s personal chauffer from Sydney to her new home in Bowral, visiting Lexie when she can, providing Lexie with care packages including treats and toys and instructions that Annie herself found useful when caring for Lexie. In the process, Annie has not only become a trusted friend to Lexie but has also forged a friendship with Jeff and Jane. 

 Lexie has settled into her new home beautifully. Jeff and Jane were able to gradually build Lexie’s trust and she is now their little shadow, participating in all the family activities. Jeff says, “We found that by taking things slowly and quietly, giving Lexie her own space and time letting her decide when and how to react to situations, was the key to success.” 

 Now Lexie spends her time playing with her dog and human friends at the dog park and often playing ‘referee’ to the squabbles when some of the dogs are playing a little too rough. She has enjoyed rides in the car, walks along the beach, lounging in front of the fire on cooler winter nights, helping to unpack groceries and loves having her tummy rubbed and her ears stroked.  

 Jeff and Jane have spoken highly of the exceptional dedication shown by Sydney Dogs & Cats Home and Annie. They praise the time taken in ensuring not only Lexie was loved and cared for while she began her healing journey and her quest to find a new home, but also ensuring Lexie’s wellbeing remained the central focus during the adoption process. Jeff says, “The level of support for adopters is comprehensive and outstanding, nothing is too much trouble.”  

Lexie has made incredible progress while in her new home and it’s clear Jeff and Jane are devoted to ensuring Lexie feels safe, cared for, and loved and continue to help build her confidence. They are even looking forward to enrolling her into scent work classes which they hope will be a rewarding adventure for the entire family.  

 It can often take a whole village of people to ensure dogs like Lexie recover and heal and gain their happiness and joy back. Jeff and Jane acknowledge that without an amazing foster carer like Annie, they are certain Lexie wouldn’t be the dog she is today.  

 They say to anyone thinking of welcoming a rescue dog into their heart and home; “The chance to answer that call is a blessing and one that will almost certainly reward adopters with so much love and joy. It’s an enriching experience to witness Lexie’s zest for life and beautiful personality re-establish.” 

Published 1st September 2023

From the Racetrack to Your Heart

Do you have a spot in your heart and home for a Greyhound who’s ready to leave his racing days behind? Meet Jerry Rascal, a charming and eager dog with a heart full of love and a zest for life. Despite never quite finding his stride on the racetrack, Jerry Rascal is determined to show the world just how much he has to offer in a loving forever home.

Jerry Rascal might not have been the fastest on the racetrack, but he’s racing into his next chapter with boundless enthusiasm. This Greyhound is ready to prove that his potential goes far beyond the racecourse. With his friendly nature and a heart full of affection, he’s prepared to win over the hearts of his future family members.

Having spent his early years on the racetrack, Jerry Rascal is embracing his new social life with open paws. He’s a social butterfly who adores meeting new people. His tail wags in joyful anticipation whenever someone approaches, and he’s always ready to shower them with love and warmth. Jerry Rascal’s eagerness to connect with people is truly heartwarming and a testament to his spirit.

Jerry Rascal’s love for food is matched only by his desire to please. He’s motivated by treats, making him an ideal candidate for training and building a strong bond. While he might need some guidance in mastering the art of taking treats gently, his food motivation can be a valuable asset as he learns what life is like off the track, out of the shelter and into a home!

Jerry Rascal’s ideal home is one where he can be the centre of attention. He’d thrive in an environment without small animals or small dogs, but he might be open to having another large dog friend pending a successful meet and greet. It’s important to note that Jerry Rascal has a lively personality and a talent for jumping quite high. To ensure his safety and containment, a home with secure fencing or boundaries is essential.

Transitioning from the racetrack to a home environment might require a bit of patience and understanding, but the rewards are immeasurable. With time, guidance, and your unwavering support, Jerry Rascal will blossom into a loyal and cherished member of your family. By giving him the chance to experience his first-ever home, you’ll not only transform his life but also discover the remarkable joy of watching a Greyhound discover the comforts of a loving forever family.

To learn more about Jerry Rascal’s journey and how you can provide him with the loving home he deserves, click here to view his profile and send an application today. Embark on this beautiful journey of companionship and watch as Jerry Rascal’s spirit shines brighter than ever before.

Posted 8th August 2023

Brave and Resilient Ollie

Ollie the Staffy arrived at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home in April as a surrender. Ollie’s leg looked a bit strange and upon further investigation by our vet team, it appeared Ollie had a previous leg injury that had healed incorrectly. While he used it to walk, he did so with a limp and wouldn’t put his full weight on it while sitting.

To improve his quality of life, the decision was made to amputate the leg. The incredible thing about Ollie is that his courage knows no bounds. The surgery didn’t slow him down one bit, and he quickly adapted to his new circumstances. In fact, it’s uncertain whether he even realised his leg was missing, as his zest for life remained undiminished.

Despite the challenges he has faced so far in his short life, Ollie is a wonderful dog who is now looking for his forever home! Ollie loves meeting new people and is overcome with whole-body wiggles, even without all four legs! His love for human companionship is heartwarming, and he’s always ready to shower you with affection and tail wags.

One of Ollie’s favourite pastimes in foster care is basking in the sunlight. Whether it’s stretching out in the garden or curling up on a sunlit bean bag, Ollie knows how to savour the simple joys of life. His love for sunbathing is matched only by his affection for cuddles. He’s more than happy to nap beside you or even rest partially on top of you if he can manage it. And on those overcast days, he’ll happily snuggle up under a cozy blanket.

Ollie is a foodie at heart which makes training a breeze! Ollie is a smart boy and has mastered sit and is working on other skills such as stay and leave it. Soon he will have so many new tricks to show off!

Ollie’s resilience, charm, and boundless affection make him the perfect companion for someone ready to provide him with a loving forever home. Despite his past challenges, Ollie’s spirit is unwavering, and he’s eager to share his joy with a caring family. If you’re looking for a three-legged friend who embodies strength, bravery, and an unbreakable spirit, Ollie might just be the perfect addition to your life.

To learn more about Ollie’s journey and how you can welcome him into your home, click here to view his profile. Let’s give Ollie the second chance he deserves and make his journey from adversity to happiness complete.


Published 8 August 2023

Adventures of Jigglypuff: From Pokémon Battles to a Triumph of Resilience!

Meet our incredible feline friend, Jigglypuff, whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary! This adorable kitty, not from the Pokémon world, has faced hardships but has emerged as a shining example of resilience.

Upon arriving at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, we discovered that Jigglypuff had a previously broken leg that had healed improperly, causing discomfort. Our amazing vet team made the tough decision to amputate his leg and the tip of his tail, suggesting he might have had a fierce Pokémon battle before finding his way to us!

During his recovery, Jigglypuff found comfort in a foster home, embracing life as a tripod kitty with determination and courage. This little fighter made an incredible recovery and now showcases his vibrant personality for all to see.

Don’t let his missing leg fool you—Jigglypuff is an unstoppable force of joy! He loves chasing toys and playing with fellow feline friends. We are pleased to share that Jigglypuff found his forever home last month, and he is being showered with patience, understanding, and unconditional love. Jigglypuff’s new family appreciates his unique spirit and provides him with a safe indoor haven, so no more Pokémon battles ensue!

Jigglypuff’s transformation wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of our incredible community. Your generosity enables us to provide vital treatment and care to precious creatures like Jigglypuff. Together, we can make a difference!

Published: 4 August 2023

Adoption Success Story: Herbie

Herbie the cat (formerly known as Kawaii), is a feline with a striking panther-like appearance that immediately catches your attention. However, his sweet and affectionate nature is what truly captures your heart. Herbie found himself at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home in November of last year. He required an extended stay to receive treatment for dental disease and address his hyperthyroidism. Once he made a recovery from surgery and his hyperthyroidism was improving, Herbie embarked on his journey to find his forever home.

At the age of 10, the shelter environment was far from ideal for this cat who longed for sunny spots, playful toys, and the warm companionship of a human family. Fortunately, Herbie’s wait for a loving family didn’t last long. In late March, Ella and her family stepped forward and welcomed him into their lives with open arms. The adoption was a perfect fit, especially since they already had another 10-year-old black cat named Gary.

From the moment Herbie joined the family, he and Ella formed a strong bond. Herbie seems to be Ella’s constant companion, following her wherever she goes in the house. Even while Ella works from home, he finds comfort in his cat bed beneath her desk, complete with a cosy heat pack during the winter months.

Living a life of luxury like any cat deserves, Herbie even spends every night sleeping in the human bed with his cat sibling Gary. Apart from looking like a panther, Herbie also has some human tendencies and tucks himself into bed under the blankets and rests his little head on the pillow.

Ella happily reports that Herbie’s presence has had a positive impact on Gary, making him a happier cat. With his funny, cuddly, and chatty personality, Herbie has become an adored member of the family. Ella and her family can’t help but adore him and express how much they love him.

With his panther-like allure and endearing nature, Herbie has found his place in a loving home, making it clear that he was meant to be there all along.

A Haven for Lost and Abandoned Pets

Since its establishment in 1946, Sydney Dogs & Cats Home has been a beacon of hope for Sydney’s lost, abandoned, and neglected pets. Our mission is simple: to provide shelter, nourishment, veterinary care, and an abundance of love to animals in need, with a primary focus on dogs and cats. Whether we reunite them with their owners or help them find new loving homes, our ultimate goal is to bring pets and people together. 

 As Sydney’s sole charity pound and community facility, we open our doors to thousands of pets each year, extending our services across multiple council areas and servicing over a million Sydneysiders. We proudly support the Getting to Zero movement, which means that we don’t place a time limit on any healthy and treatable animal that enters our care. 

 Every day, we see animals with varying levels of need. Some simply require a warm bed and nourishing food to regain their strength and grow, while others need extensive medical intervention. One such case was Alexis, an 8-year-old Border Collie who arrived at our facility in an appalling state. Infested with fleas, plagued by infected and inflamed skin, and suffering from severe itching that resulted in substantial fur loss, Alexis was also severely underweight and extremely fearful. In a heart-wrenching discovery, council rangers found her tied up in a backyard helpless and desperate for treatment, care and love. We can only imagine how long she had suffered in this state. 

As soon as Alexis entered our care, our dedicated team of veterinarians promptly assessed Alexis’s condition and gave her appropriate medication to address her skin issues. Additionally, we provided her with supplements and nutritious food to help her reach a healthy weight for her breed. But soon it became apparent that what Alexis needed most was love and care. That’s when Annie, one of our exceptional foster carers, stepped in and offered Alexis a safe haven. 

 Annie dedicated the first four days to helping Alexis feel secure and loved. Despite initial challenges, such as Alexis’s refusal to eat or take her medication due to fear, Annie tirelessly experimented with a variety of dog-safe foods, from chicken to lamb chops, and ultimately found success with soup. She spent countless hours outside Alexis’s crate, showing her that she was safe and loved. Gradually, Alexis began to trust and feel more confident, eventually emerging from her safe space and blossoming into an entirely transformed dog. 

 Nowadays, Alexis loves her daily walks, eagerly stretching her legs and exploring the neighbourhood and all it has to offer. With a new zest for life, she zigzags around, joyfully sniffing every new scent she encounters, and spends the rest of her days peacefully dozing. Alexis has undergone an incredible change, evolving from a timid and frightened dog into a playful, sassy, and affectionate companion. 

 Our passion for our work is unwavering, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Providing care for pets in need requires substantial resources, including daily essentials like food, bedding, treats, and toys, as well as funding for vital medications, surgeries, and training. In addition, we are also battling with the challenges of the rising cost of living prices and keeping two temporary facilities operating while we wait for the promised funding from the NSW Government.  Paying for essentials such as utilities and rent has added pressure to already sensitive circumstances.  

Your support can make a tremendous difference in the lives of our animals and wider organisation to continue to allow us to do the important work we do. We invite you to consider making a tax-deductible donation by clicking here. Every contribution, big or small, helps us continue our mission of providing second chances and bright futures for pets like Alexis. 

 Together, let’s make a positive impact on the lives of Sydney’s cherished companions. Join us in creating a world where every pet is given the love, care, and forever home they deserve. 


Published 2nd June 2023

WHS Incident Report

How Does Foster Care Work?

Anyone can foster as long as you are 18 years old or over, live in metropolitan Sydney and have access to your own transport.

You can foster cats, dogs, rabbits or guinea pigs! We provide everything you need and you provide the love.

Simply complete this short form and then we’ll give you a call to discuss.



If you are ready to make a difference in a rescue animal’s life, then don’t delay!


Volunteering with animals is an exciting and rewarding experience and we know you are eager to get started! You may have a lot of questions about what is involved by becoming a volunteer at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home. We have answered your frequently asked questions and compiled some things to consider before becoming a volunteer. If you have further questions, please feel free to email the Volunteer Coordinator at


Our volunteers play a huge part in looking after the animals in our care and demonstrate commitment, empathy, and drive. Volunteering is both fun and rewarding!
As a kennel hand/cattery volunteer, almost all tasks are shared across staff and volunteers, except for ‘staff only’ tasks. From cleaning to dog walking and kitty cuddles, we share it all!


  • Kennel hand/cattery assistant
  • Reception and administration duties
  • Community events and programs
  • Foster caring (if you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please also fill out the foster carer form)
  • Animal transport
  • Adhoc projects (such as IT, handy-work etc)


Sydney Dogs & Cats Home is Sydney’s only charity impounding facility, as well as being an animal rehoming shelter. You may encounter some potentially confronting animal welfare situations at our shelter. Please consider the emotional aspect of working in an environment such as this, before committing to a volunteer position.


We regularly offer student placements at our kennels in Austral. This is suitable for anyone completing TAFE Animal Studies certificates or anyone doing university courses in animal care/veterinary sciences. Placements may be negotiated as 5–10-day blocks or extended ongoing weekly or fortnightly shifts.

Once you have completed an Expression of Interest, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator if you require any further information about a possible placement opportunity.


We ask all volunteers to commit to the shifts/events or tasks they have agreed to, communicating any changes or cancellations in advance

Our kennel/cattery volunteers are asked to commit to at least one shift per fortnight for a period of 4 months. This ensures that volunteers gain the necessary skills to become trusted members of our team and are able to provide the best care for our residents. More shifts are possible, depending on availability as well as the capability of an individual to perform tasks in a fast-paced environment.

We have a regular weekly roster for Volunteer Animal Care and Reception assistants. The kennel shifts are 8.30am to 12.30pm and 12.30pm to 4.30pm, while the cattery shifts are 8.30am-12noon. Reception shifts are 10am-3pm. One-off events and ad hoc projects are arranged as they happen.


Sydney Dogs & Cats Home regards the security of personal information as a priority and will endeavour to protect it at all times. You may request access to your personal information held by Sydney Dogs & Cats Home at any time by contacting the Home on (02) 9587 9611. We will add your name and contact details to our database, and we communicate with volunteers via email and a closed volunteer Facebook page/Whatsapp group.


  1. Complete an Expression of Interest Form.
  2. Your form will be matched against our shelter’s needs relevant to availability and commitment. Not everyone will match our needs – we thank you in advance for your patience, as our volunteer coordinator works through the logistics.
  3. Within 1-4 weeks of your application, if your form is matched, you’ll be asked if you’re still available and invited to attend a 4-hour induction (a trial shift). This shift includes an information session with details on our history and future plans, who we are and what we do.
  4. During your induction, we work through several of the most common tasks to give you a good feel for a volunteer shift. This may include cleaning, animal enrichment time, covering relevant policies and procedures, general house rules and WHS (Work, Health & Safety) requirements.
  5. If successful, including that you enjoy your trial shift, we sign you up as a volunteer or student placement. We ask you to confirm your availability for future shifts and contribute $30 to cover the cost of a volunteer t-shirt.
  6. Before commencing your first shift, you will need to read our Volunteer Manual, sign all relevant pages, sign a Volunteer Agreement and provide (to sight) a photo ID.


We are deeply grateful for the support of our Volunteers and applicants. Please be aware it may take us up to 4 weeks to respond to your volunteer application for the first round. After that time, we may reach out to you again within 4-12 weeks to see if you’re still interested and available.

We appreciate your patience and encourage you to get in touch with other local animal rescue groups to enquire about volunteer opportunities.

Ready to become a volunteer?

Bright Future for Bailey

Beautiful Bailey is the sweetest and happiest boy and it’s hard to believe he found himself in a shelter. While Bailey has such a large smile and happy personality, the first thing that stood out about Bailey when he walked through the doors of the Home was that you could barely see his eyes. Bailey was suffering from double entropion. This occurs when the eyelid rolls inwards, and the eyelashes irritate the eyes. Imagine having sand in your eyes all the time, this is the feeling that poor Bailey had been experiencing. His level of pain and uncomfortableness that was so bad, he chose not to open his eye.

Bailey underwent a delicate and life-changing surgery to correct the entropion and make him a lot more comfortable and pain-free. He has recovered well and is enjoying seeing much more clearly and without pain and has shown more of his happy personality. Bailey had spent his time in the Home being a customer care mascot, keeping our customer care team company in reception and greeting any visitors to the Home and has enjoyed some time in foster care.

He recently had his final checkup with our vet team who are happy with how well his eyes have healed!

It is no surprise that Bailey has found his forever home so quickly after recovering from surgery! With such a kind nature and happy personality, Bailey recently went to a forever home where he will get to play and be spoilt by 4 human siblings!

Congratulations Bailey! Here’s to looking to your bright and clear future!

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