Relly’s Reunion

After going to visit 200 Corellas, Tracy had just about given up finding her beloved pet, Relly.

“It was heartbreaking,” says Tracy, “My hopes were raised every time I received a tip off about a Corella at a rescue centre, so the let down when I arrived to find it was not Relly was just horrible.”

In February 2014, Tracy popped out to pick her children up from school. Relly had been a bit cheeky to the kids earlier in the day, so Tracy made the decision to leave her at home. Sadly, she came back to find someone had deliberately broken the padlock to the aviary and had stolen Relly.

Tracy was devastated and began doing everything she could to look for Relly, putting up posters, contacting rescue centres and vet clinics, and following up every lead she received.

Courtesy of Evelyn – Parrot Alert

Although Tracy loved the other birds and pets she had during the time Relly was gone, she did not feel that same inseparable bond. “Relly has a special way of getting on and off my arm – she crawls up and down my side, rather than fly. She’s only ever done that with me”, says Tracy.

3 years on, Tracy received a call from Evelyn, a local rescue volunteer, to say there was a Corella which had been handed in to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. It had come in from Mortdale Greencross Vets after being found by a Georges River Council ranger.

Unsure if she could handle any more heartache, Tracy thought twice about visiting SDCH. She arrived preparing herself for disappointment, however when the Corella said, “Hello” and crawled up on to Tracy in that all too familiar manner, it was no mistaking that this was Tracy’s treasured Relly.

It’s all still sinking in for Tracy. “It’s unbelievable.  It is the most surreal experience to have her home and I keep wondering if it is really is Relly. There’s no doubt though as she flew straight to her favourite corner lounge in the house and has been throwing about pegs and making lots of noise as she has always done to make sure she’s the centre of attention.”

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Toby’s Miracle Return

Even after 18 months away from home, it’s like Toby never left. In fact, he’s keeping a close eye on owner, Caroline, to make sure they never get separated again. “If I move, he is my shadow.”

Toby, the 4 year old Cavalier, went missing from his home last year, when thieves broke in to the house. His bed and his food had gone indicating that Toby had been stolen.

The time since has been harrowing for Caroline. “I was grief stricken. I put posters everywhere, called all shelters and animal hospitals with no luck – it was like he just disappeared.”

Caroline bought Toby as a young pup two years after the tragic passing of her first husband and young daughter, finding comfort in his constant friendship. “He was my only companion. I taught him commands and he had the best of life with me everywhere we went.”

Despite time passing and the chances of locating Toby growing thin, Caroline never gave up hope that he may show up one day at a vet hospital, or even back at her front door. “I got married and changed my name, but I kept all his toys and his collar – I never forgot him.”

Last week, Toby was found in the Fairfield City Council area and handed in to Wakeley Vet Clinic before being brought to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home. Thanks to Caroline being a responsible pet owner and ensuring Toby was microchipped, SDCH staff were able to locate her quickly and give her the good news.

“After a year and a half it happened,” Caroline said, “I thought I was dreaming!”

Toby has quickly settled back in to life with Caroline and is being spoilt rotten. He’s been taken to the pet spa; has a new bed, clothes and plenty of new toys to enjoy along with his old ones.

Meanwhile, Caroline is still pinching herself. “I am overwhelmed with emotion to have my baby home. Thank you so much for all the team and volunteers for reuniting us with our beloved boy. If it weren’t for centres like yours, I would not have my baby back. To have the miracle of Toby returning to my life is surreal. I wish for more happy stories for all of those people who have lost their beloved pets.”

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