Narla Reunited with Family After Nine Months

We had a very heartwarming and unusual adoption in March, where Narla the Staffy (previously Jane) was reunited with her family after being lost for nine months! 

In June last year, Narla was staying with a family friend and their dogs on the Central Coast while her owner Tammie and her husband were relocating to QLD. One day Narla and her canine friends got out and went missing. Her friends made it back home, but Narla couldn’t be found. 

Nine months later, Tammie’s friend was looking to adopt a dog and noticed there was a Staffy with a striking resemblance to Narla on our website, with the same scar across her face. When Tammie saw the picture, she was certain it was her long-lost dog.

Tammie was eager to bring Narla home, so she booked a flight to fly her to QLD. When Narla touched down and was reunited with Tammie and her husband, it was clear she missed her family – her whole body started to wiggle!

Narla has since made herself at home in QLD and is back into the swing of things with her Chihuahua and English Staffy siblings. Tammie said, “it was like they’d never been apart.” She really enjoys her trips to the beach to run in the water and play with her canine companions. After lots of playtime at the Home, she’s also formed a new love of toy balls!


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