Give a New Leash on Life, Support the Senior Pet Project

As Sydney’s only registered charity pound and active rehoming facility, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home has been opening its doors to lost and abandoned pets for over 73 years. Sadly, embracing neglected seniors is all too familiar to us.

Every year more than 10% of the animals entering the Home are in their twilight years. As heart-breaking as it is, these pets are less likely to be reclaimed than the younger counterparts, and the seniors typically need additional veterinary care.

Our Senior Pet Project, entering its second year, was started as an initiative not only to put a spotlight on these golden oldies to help with their rehoming but also to raise the funds required for their essential veterinary care and often prolonged stay at the Home.

Not surprisingly, the majority of senior cases do require extra veterinary treatment. This additional cost may be the reason why many owners do not reclaim their senior pets. Seniors also tend to have a longer stay in the shelter or foster care whilst we search for a suitable home, and in some cases that one in a million person willing to provide love and palliative care in a pet’s final months, weeks or even days.

With your support we are looking to raise $150,000 by 30 June to fund the Senior Pet Project for the next 12 months, enabling us to provide the seniors with the much-needed care to set them up for success in their twilight years, just like Chance.  Support the Senior Pet Project today.

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