Senior Pet Project: Monster

When we welcomed Monster, a 13-year-old Maltese/Chihuahua Cross, into our Home in October we knew that this little chap would be a beneficiary of our Senior Pet Project.  Monster, a sweet old gentleman was brought in as a stray.  His fur was dirty and matted, his nails overgrown and his breath putrid.

Our vet team performed a health assessment and it was clear by Monster’s neglected state that this dear boy hadn’t been to a vet or a groomer in a very long time.

Monster was suffering and in pain. The team immediately provided him with pain relief.  Emergency dental surgery was quickly scheduled and performed.  All of Monster’s teeth, bar one healthy tooth, had to be removed.  Monster also received a much-needed bath and clip from our volunteer groomer.   And the team organised for Monster to go into foster care with Fiona, enabling him to recover in a quiet home setting postoperatively.

Moster quickly recovered from his operation and a spritely, happy gentleman emerged.  He fit in so well with his foster family which included beautiful 15-year-old Missy that when the time came for Monster to be rehomed Fiona asked to adopt him.

Renamed Max, our Monster, now spends the days with his best friend Missy and being spoilt by his humans Fiona and Jeff.

With your support we are looking to raise $150,000 by 30 June to fund the Senior Pet Project for the next 12 months, enabling us to provide the seniors with the essential care required to set them up for success in their twilight years.  Donate now to support the Senior Pet Project.

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