Five Years Missing

Last month was a little more unusual than most at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.  Chicko and Merci were both reunited with their respective owners after being lost for years.  Both pooches went missing from their original homes five years ago, and within the space of three weeks, both were picked up as strays and brought into Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.  Chicko and Merci were microchipped and although both owners' original contact details (e.g. phone numbers, email addresses) had changed their mailing addresses thankfully remained the same.  Imagine their shock and delight to receive a notification in the post that after five long years, their beloved pooches were alive and waiting to be picked up and reunited with them.  Share in the tears of joy watching Merci's reunion with her mum here. Also, remember always ensure your pet is microchipped - it's the law in NSW - and keep all your contact details up-to-date.  At Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, our favourite event is a happy reunion!

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