Eight Reasons to Adopt Two Kittens

Thinking about adopting a kitten?  Maybe you should consider adopting two!  Turns out cats may not always be the solitary creatures we believe them to be and there are many good reasons to adopt two kittens together rather than one.  Some of the benefits of adopting two kittens include:

1. Healthy mind, healthy body! Kittens that are raised in pairs exercise with each other, with the same play styles and develop better social skills. It’s proven that cats who have had their siblings as playmates are much more adaptable when they are older.

2. Peace of mind! Two kittens keep each other busy and out of mischief, and you can rest easy that they are safely bouncing off each other (and not the TV!).

3.  Never lonely! Nothing can compare to having another kitten for company when you’re out at work.

4. Learning life lessons! Kittens can play rough with nails and teethies! With a sibling play partner, they are taught how to play gently with people and save their playfulness for their sibling.

5. Fun, Fun and more Fun! Kittens romp, leap, wrestle, clean each other and then curl up next to each other to snooze. Hours of entertainment to watch!

6. Boredom breeds insanity (with kittens anyway!) Out of boredom kittens start entertaining themselves – chewing plants, exploring electrical cords and sockets, climbing legs. Two kittens prevent boredom!!

7. Avoid being “preyed” on at night! Kittens are most active at night and a good night sleep is valuable – the last thing you want is your toes to be attacked! With two kittens, their night stalking and hunting will happen between the two of them!

8.  Older cats are past their play years! Older cats don’t really want a toddler under their feet! Two kittens bouncing off each other will let the older cat do their own thing (and enjoy their twilight years in style).

So if you are thinking of adopting a kitten consider the advantages that come with adopting two… or three.

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