Morpheus’ Remarkable Recovery

Morpheus (previously Muffin) the 1-year-old ragdoll arrived at the Home in mid-March looking seriously dishevelled, sporting sniffly nose and major eye infection. He was suffering from a severe melting corneal ulcer in his left eye – the worst our veterinarian Michelle had seen in her 10-year vet career. 

Given the severity of Morpheus’ ulcer, we knew we only had a small chance of saving his eye. We wanted to give him the best possible chance of recovery, so Michelle fostered him to provide round-the-clock care. She brought him to work each day, ensuring he received his treatments, medications and hourly eye drops for 2-weeks straight. She told us: “Not many cats would tolerate this much handling and medicating with sure a sore eye, but thanks to Morpheus’ easy-going nature, we were able to treat him so intensively.”

Against all odds, Morpheus’ corneal ulcer responded to treatment and resolved to reveal a beautiful blue-green eye underneath. While he waited for adoption, Morpheus chilled out at Michelle’s house and dished out cuddles to staff at the Home. Michelle told us: “He is by far the coolest little cat I’ve ever met with a very playful but cuddly and laid-back attitude.” 

On 5 May, after a few adoptions fell through, Morpheus found his forever home with Sue and Geoff. They told us: “Morpheus is such a delightful cat. He lets us know when he uses the kitty litter for a number 2 with his morning meows so we remove it straight away. He follows us everywhere, even if we are showering. He just sits on the bath mat waiting. His favourite place is on top of then piano whilst Geoff practices his daily scales.”


  1. What a gorgeous little boy, so glad his eye was saved. Why was he in this state? So happy he has found a happy forever home, but wondering why michelle not keep him given how she thought of him. He looks very much like my two rag doll cats, they also are very affectionate. You are such a great organisation, I really appreciate the work that you do for animals. si important when one considers how many animals end up,on the street

    • Hi Lucile, Morpheus injured his eye on the streets as a stray, before he was found and brought in. Unfortunately in our field, we have to learn to say goodbye to our patients or we’ll all end up with 100 pets! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. You guys do a great job.
    Best is your policy of keeping the residents there as long as they need a home, one of the reasons why I am a consistent supporter. In fact, I just got a job after a long period of unemployment so to celebrate I’m signing up to make monthly donations.
    We have a rescue cat called Buggy. He is a great companion and we couldn’t do without him.
    Rescue IS the best breed.

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