Giving Clementine a Leg Up in Life

In mid-December, a young cat of Sydney named Clementine had found herself in a life-threatening situation. She had been through a trauma and broken her front right leg, causing immeasurable pain when she moved.

Brave Clementine managed to make her way next door to the home of a good Samaritan, who took her to a local vet clinic for emergency treatment. There Clementine received x-rays and surgery to save her leg and ensure her smooth recovery.

When Clementine was brought into our Home after her surgery, she was still in a great deal of discomfort, and was understandably very agitated. She wouldn’t let anybody touch her.

Our animal care team continued Clementine’s pain medication and organised physical rehabilitation to assist with the healing process. Clementine spent lots of quality time with our team, enjoying tasty food while they gently exercised her joints. Throughout her rehab sessions, you could tell she was starting to feel better as she was dishing out smooches and cuddles!

Not only did Clementine have her broken leg repaired, she even received the best Christmas gift – a forever home! Clementine was adopted less than three weeks after her accident and is making great progress in her new home. She is even walking on her front right leg with no signs of discomfort! Clementine is enjoying being a lap cat and is on strict orders to rest her leg so it will continue to get even stronger.

Clementine will soon return to the Home for her desexing procedure and follow up x-rays to ensure everything is healing as planned. It won’t be long before Clementine will be back to jumping onto laps and distracting everyone from getting anything done with her big, adorable eyes!



Published 1 February 2022