Caring for Carla


Carla, a 13-year-old Maltese-cross, came into our care as a stray.  As is the case with many of the senior pets entering the Home, Carla was not in the best condition. 

 With a mouth full of rotten teeth, a mammary tumour, and an inguinal hernia, what concerned our animal care team most was that Carla was struggling to urinate.

 She would urinated often, but always small amounts often tinged with blood.  Carla was quickly put on antibiotics and given pain relief, then taken to an offsite vet clinic to have her bladder drained and x-rays taken.

Our dear sweet Carla was then diagnosed with having an enormous bladder stone, a painful condition that was the result of the urine in her bladder crystallising over time.  She was then swept into surgery to have the bladder stone removed, her hernia repaired and the mammary tumour removed.

Carla then recovered in foster care where she transformed. She was much happier and was able to settle quickly as it was clear she was no longer in pain and was able to urinate normally.

Thanks to a clean bill of health, her second surgery was arranged to address Carla’s dental issues and the removal of a few problem teeth. 

Being such a sweet girl, it comes as not surprise that Carla found her forever home with her foster carer.

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