Two Little Ringworm Stars

There has been a number of kittens who recently arrived at the Home with ringworm, including Tarvos and Narvi, both named after little moons around Saturn.

Tarvos and Narvi first arrived at the home in need of help. After the Animal Care Team conducted health checks, it was discovered that these two fluffballs had ringworm. Despite its name, ringworm (also known as dermatophytosis) is not an actual worm, but a fungal infection that can affect the cat’s skin, hair and nails. It is called “ringworm” due to the circular rash that is usually red, itchy and can be shaped like a ring.

It is one of the most common causes of skin infection in older cats, and kittens are usually the worst affected by it. Fortunately, this fungal infection is easily treatable and kittens can make a full recovery with the right medication and care.

Ringworm is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can spread between humans and animals, but fear not, as it can easily be contained to ensure that humans and the other animals that share a home, stay fungus-free. Pets typically recover from ringworm on their own in about three months, but it’s always best to consult with a vet about the right treatment options based on the severity of the condition.

These lovely kittens arrived a little timid, but after some time spent in foster care, this little duo have been building their confidence and have shown their playful and energetic side! Narvi is the most confident of the two and absolutely LOVES food, whereas Tarvos is a bit more on the shy side, but loves to play and is known for doing the cutest little zoomies! They are your typical kittens who love to play and better yet, have quickly learnt to use their litter trays!

Although Tarvos and Narvi may need that little extra TLC with their daily meds, they are waiting patiently to find their forever home and show you they are just as cuddly, loveable and will shower you in unconditional love! Their hope and wish is to be loved and to find their forever home as a pair, to go through their treatment together and get used to human touch!

Update: Both kittens have found a loving forever home together!

Published on 21 June 2022