A Big Future ‘in Sight’ for Treacle

Treacle came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home as a tiny 4-week-old kitten with very unusual-looking eyes. She had a birth defect called eyelid agenesis – the complete absence of eyelids, which made her eyes look wide open all of the time. She looked constantly shocked, but it wasn’t surprise she was feeling – it was constant discomfort.

Without eyelids, Treacle’s cornea was completely exposed, which can lead to incomplete blinking, irritation from hair touching the cornea, ulceration and scarring. Without treatment, Treacle was at risk of long term damage to her vision.

As Treacle was so young when she came to the Home, she went to a foster home so she could grow and gain weight for surgery and adoption. She was put on a diet of baby cat food, milk and Hill’s dry biscuits, courtesy of our sponsor at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, which helped her get big and strong. Being in foster care also helped to socialise Treacle, introducing her to the pleasures of pats and affection. 

Our vets organised for Treacle to see an eye specialist, who made a plan for her treatment. She would need a very precise surgery, to take a graft from her lip and transpose it into her eye to create a new pseudo eyelid. Treacle would need 4-6 weeks of special eye drops to prepare for the big day. 

With her surgery booked and her future looking bright, our team got working to find Treacle’s new forever home. It wasn’t long before she found a family, who has been giving her eye drops every day in preparation for surgery. In mid-December with the help of our supporters, we funded Treacle’s eyelid surgery at a specialist vet, and we’re told she’s comfortable and doing very well post-op in her adopted home.

Treacle is now ‘looking forward’ to spending Christmas at home with fully functioning eyelids and a family committed to keeping her healthy and happy.


Published 15 December