From Tye to Tri

Beau and Tye, two 16-week-old Kelpie puppies, arrived at the Home in the arms of the council ranger.

 These siblings were found running the local streets of Bonnyrigg. Underweight and hungry, they were not wearing collars with tags to identify them, nor were they microchipped. No one came forward to claim this duo.

Beau and Tye were each placed into a foster home. This was to ensure these young pups were socialised with other pets and people while being exposed to a normal home environment, before becoming available for adoption.

First night in care, Beau vomited up pebbles, rocks and leaf litter! Thankfully he showed no other signs of being ill or distressed and was eating, drinking and toileting normally. Over the following days, Beau quickly put on weight, gaining just over two kilograms in his first week in care.

Tye also thrived in his foster home, quickly gaining confidence and learning how to interact with other dogs and other people.

 Considerably smaller than his brother, Tye arrived with an injured hind leg, rendering the limb useless. X-rays of the injury were taken and a consult with an orthopaedic specialist organised. It was advised that the damage is likely to have occurred when Tye was very young. Amputation was recommended as being the best course of action for the welfare of Tye.

Undergoing surgery, Tye successfully turn into a tripaw. He returned to his loving foster home so that he could recover in a familiar environment where he felt safe and loved. Ten days later he returned to the shelter for a final health check and to be picked up by his new humans.

We are pleased to report, that we have heard from both Beau and Tye’s new loving families and they are continuing to grow and thrive. 

Tye, now known as Tripod, even has his own instagram account @luna.and.tripod which he shares with his new fur sister Luna.

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