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that I am required to acknowledge and accept all items within the Sydney Dogs & Cats Inc constitution including the follwing requirements: 3. Membership & 4. Application for Membership
RE: Existing Member / 3. MEMBERSHIP 3.1 A person is eligible to be a member of SDCH if: (1) the person is a natural person; and (2) the person has applied and been approved for membership of SDCH in accordance with clause 4.-----& ----- RE: Newly Appointed Member / 4 APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP (1) An application by a person for membership of SDCH must: (a) unless otherwise agreed to by the Board, be nominated by two existing members of SDCH; (b) be made in writing in accordance with the form set out in Appendix 1 (including by email or other electronic means, if the Board so determines); and (c) be lodged (including by electronic means, if the Board so determines) with the secretary of SDCH. (2) As soon as practicable after receiving an application for membership, the secretary must refer the application to the Board, which is to determine whether to approve or to reject the application. (3) As soon as practicable after the Board makes that determination, the secretary must: (a) notify the applicant in writing (including by email or other electronic means, if the Board so determines) that the Board approved or rejected the application (whichever is applicable); and (b) if the Board approved the application, request the applicant to pay (within the period of 28 days after receipt by the applicant of the notification) the sum payable under this constitution by a member as entrance fee and annual subscription. 6 (4) The secretary must, on payment by the applicant of the amounts referred to in clause 4(3)(b) within the period referred to in that provision, enter or cause to be entered the applicant’s name in the register of members and, on the name being so entered, the applicant becomes a member of SDCH. (5) No application for membership shall be accepted or considered by the Board in the period of one calendar month before the date of the next annual general meeting.
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