Polly’s Express Journey

Fluffy girl Polly (previously Polar) is a three-year-old Japanese Spitz who came to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home as a lost dog with her mate Luka (previously Beluga). It was clear on arrival the pair was significantly overweight and had an appetite to match. Their fur was also in desperate need of a clip and brush, with mattes taking over their bodies and causing them to chew on their fur and wear down their teeth.

Our team gave Polly and Luka a pamper session which saw their coats clipped and brushed. This is a very important task for breeds like Spitz’s whose beautiful coats require regular grooming and maintenance.

Unfortunately for Polly, this wasn’t the end of her rehabilitation journey. She had a medial luxating patella (dislocated knee joint) that caused her to limp when she walked.

Our Animal Care Team got to work to make Polly feel more comfortable. While she and Luka were desexed, we performed x-rays on her pelvis and knee to investigate the severity of her dislocated knee joint.

While Polly waits for her x-ray results and treatment plan, she receives anti-inflammatory medication to reduce discomfort. She’s been recovering from her desexing surgery with Luka in foster care, enjoying the luxuries of a big backyard. It seems the pair were fed very well in their past home – a little too well – as they have learned to beg for their humans’ food. Polly and Luka are undergoing manners and toilet training in their foster home to ensure they’re ready for adopted life. To their dismay, they are also on weight loss plans to get them to an ideal weight. This will assist in minimising Polly’s joint inflammation as she won’t be carrying around extra weight.

Depending on Polly’s x-ray results, we may need to provide further treatment such as specialist surgery to resolve inflammation of her knee joint. But for now, she and Luka have been adopted and are looking forward to going to their new home, where they can enjoy a new, healthy life together.


Published 13 December