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Fostering Dogs & Puppies

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Our Foster Care Program is one of our key projects - providing people with the opportunity to enjoy having a pet in their home without the long term responsibility or financial commitment. While they are in your care, you will get to experience the wonderful aspects of having a pet AND help provide a second chance to animals in need.

Who can foster?

We welcome foster homes of all shapes and sizes, from couples to families with kids, apartments to farms, with or without existing pets.

How long would you need to foster for?

At this time during the Covid restrictions, our shelter is only open for appointments, therefore we require our pets to remain in their loving foster homes until they are adopted.

Who needs fostering?

  • Puppies that are under 8 weeks, are too young, underweight or unwell enough to be de-sexed.
  • Puppies and dogs that need socialisation or training
  • Mums and puppies, where the mum is still feeding
  • Dogs that need medication, are recovering from illness or surgery
  • Dogs and puppies who need time out of the shelter
  • You can specify who you feel comfortable looking after- whether it be young or old, special needs or lower maintenance to suit your lifestyle

    What do you need as a foster carer?

    • A safe and secure home environment that can provide love, attention and regular handling
    • Access for the dog to be indoors (at least when supervised)
    • A willingness to learn new things and be hands on.
    • Own transport is necessary or the ability to bring in the pets for check- ups or if medical attention is needed.

    What do we provide?

    • Bowls, bedding, food, toys, harness, collar and leash, play pen or crate (when available)
    • Telephone and email access to our vet, free vet care while in foster care
    • Ongoing support and advice from our trained staff.

    Is adopting your fosters an option?

    Yes! When they are living with you, they became part of your family and you will get to know your foster pets in a way that that no else will. We take this into consideration when they go up for adoption.