Summer (Adoption Pending)

Pet ID 249356
Gender Female
Breed DLH (Domestic Long Hair)
Age 19 weeks
Price $249
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Meet Summer, an endearing little kitten in search of a loving forever home!

Summer’s initial demeanour may be described as timid, but beneath that initial shyness lies a playful and energetic spirit waiting to be unleashed. Her absolute favourite pastime is play, particularly with feathered toys and bells attached to sticks. She’s quite the acrobat, often surprising her foster brother with playful pounces or sprinting through tunnels with lightning speed.

In the early days of her transition to a new environment, Summer may be a bit elusive. It’s crucial to create a quiet space where she can adjust and build her confidence. A dimly lit, cosy area where she can retreat and observe her surroundings will help her feel secure. Providing her with a comfy bed will also make her feel safe and at ease.

Despite her initial shyness, Summer is an independent spirit. She’s not overly needy for attention and isn’t particularly fond of being picked up. However, she does have a soft spot for pets, especially when she’s drowsy or asleep.

Summer is known for her unwavering gaze; she rarely blinks, which adds to her mysterious charm. As she grows more comfortable in her new home, she’ll display a hearty appetite and enjoy her meals. When it comes to using the litter box, she’s a champ, displaying excellent hygiene habits.

Summer would thrive in a tranquil and calm household. A serene environment where she can feel safe and secure will help her flourish. While she might be open to the idea of another feline companion, it’s important to consider her comfort and closely monitor her interactions. Given her initial shyness, households with young children may not be the best fit, as sudden noises or movements may startle her.

If you’re seeking a sweet and independent kitten who will blossom with love and care, Summer could be the perfect addition to your home. Give her the time and space she needs to feel comfortable, and in return, you’ll enjoy the company of a playful and loving feline companion!

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