Smokey (adoption pending)

Pet ID 249975
Gender Male
Breed Pointer X
Age 2.5 years
Price $449
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Smokey is a bundle of energy, always ready to bounce around and bring joy to those around him. His playful nature makes him a great fit for an active individual or family. Despite his bouncy exterior, Smokey is incredibly sweet, craving affection and forming deep bonds with those he trusts.

This water-loving pup is a true water baby. Whether it’s splashing in puddles, playing in the sprinklers, or taking a dip in the shell pool, Smokey’s enthusiasm for water adds an extra layer of fun to his vibrant personality.

Smokey is a smart dog with a willingness to learn. Basic obedience training and positive reinforcement will help him become a well-mannered companion. He would thrive in a home with active individuals or families, a secure fenced yard, and access to water or a willingness to include water-related activities in his routine.

If you’re ready to welcome a bouncy, sweet, and water-loving companion into your life, Smokey might be the perfect match for you. Smokey can also be rehomed with his buddy Drift, if you’re looking for a dynamic duo to fit into your family 🙂

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