Rollo & Ragnar

Pet ID 252184, 252185
Gender Male & Male
Breed DSH
Age 14 weeks
Price $249 each
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Meet two of our Viking kitties; Rollo & Ragnar!

They come from a litter of four, and love to play and adventure. They’re fostered together with two small dogs.

Hi, I’m Rollo!

I love to greet you with my adorable meow and am always ready for playtime. Growing up with two small dogs has made me easy-going and friendly, and I absolutely adore my brother Ragnar, whom I affectionately call Mr. Biscuits. We make quite the duo! While I can be a bit startled at times, I quickly seek reassurance from humans and love to be held close. I thrive in a social environment and would do well in a home with dogs or gentle, kind children. I’m very playful and enjoy exploring new toys and spaces.

I believe in the power of companionship, which is why I would be happiest if adopted with my brother Ragnar/Mr Biscuits. Together, we can provide endless entertainment and love to our new family. If you’re looking for a dynamic feline duo to join your home, consider adopting us both!

Hi, I’m Ragnar, but you can call me Mr. Biscuits!

I’m likely the most gentle soul you’ll ever meet. One of my favorite pastimes is making “biscuits” with my big paws which is a sure sign of my contentment. I’m incredibly attached to my favorite humans and my brother Rollo, and I thrive on their love and affection. I do have one little quirk—I’ll give you bossy meows if my breakfast is even a minute late! But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. I absolutely adore my floor-to-ceiling cat tree and enjoy jumping from one platform to another to show off my agility and grace.

Growing up with two small dogs has made me very comfortable around them, so I’m suitable for a home with a dog. I’m also suitable for a home with gentle children, preferably a bit older, who can understand and respect my gentle nature. If possible, I would love nothing more than to be adopted with my brother Rollo, as we make a great team and provide endless entertainment and love to anyone that meets us.

If you’re looking for a loving and playful companion, look no further than me, Mr. Biscuits!

Reasons to consider adopting two kittens:
• Two kittens can keep each other company, reducing loneliness and boredom.
• They can socialise with each other, which is important for their development.
• They’ll be more active and playful, keeping each other entertained.
• They’re less likely to exhibit destructive behavior out of boredom.
• They can provide emotional support to each other, potentially reducing stress and anxiety.

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