Pet ID 250522
Gender Male
Breed Australian Cattle Dog
Age 10 months
Price $449
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Rocky is a sweet and loving pup with a strong desire to please his favourite people. He thrives on human companionship but is also content entertaining himself with toys. Despite not needing a large space, Rocky does require attention and consistent training to boost his confidence and help him navigate the world.

Rocky is an intelligent and fast learner. He has already mastered tricks like “shake” and “wait.” His expressive face reveals when he’s feeling mischievous, adding a delightful charm to his personality! Although he has a good foundation in training, Rocky will benefit from a patient and understanding household that can nurture him and bring out his full potential.

A patient and gradual approach to outdoor experiences will likely help Rocky build confidence over time. Rocky is in the process of being introduced to the outside world and for now is quite content sitting in a sunny spot and watching the world go by.

Rocky’s is such a sweet little boy who may benefit from a doggy sibling to build his confidence. Once Rocky has some stability in his life, he is going to flourish into your best friend!

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