Pet ID 252620
Gender Male
Breed DSH
Age 2 Years
Price $199
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Meet Pumpernickel

Watch out for this sweet and stunning little charmer. She’ll greet you with a tiny squeak, give you those big yellow eyes and stretch out a gentle paw – she can steal your heart in seconds!

Pumpernickel wants all of your attention and for all of the attention to be pats. She loves to be close to you, getting all the belly rubs and scratches she can get.

When she’s feeling energetic she goes straight into kitten mode, chasing toys at breakneck speed and defeating them with her tiny claws. She is happy to play on her own, but she’ll need tough toys if they’re going to survive the night! Once she’s let out her little bursts of energy, it’s right back to cuddles.

She loves to explore and smell everything, she is quite brave and curious once she’s had some time to settle in. When she’s not exploring you will find her curled up asleep on your bed, or following you around to sweetly request a few more pats.

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