Pet ID 240168
Gender Male
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Age 2.5 years
Price $449
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

– cuddle expert
– water baby
– enthusiasm for life!

Pogo has been patiently waiting for a loving family for over a year. Unfortunately, he often gets overlooked and our staff can’t understand why! This sweet boy has so much love to give and is more than ready to find his forever home.

Pogo is a bundle of joy and energy, ready to explore the world around him. Despite spending over a year in the shelter, his spirit remains unbroken. He’s an inquisitive fellow, always eager to investigate his surroundings and make new friends. Pogo is incredibly friendly and has a heart full of love to share with his future family. He’s not just a dog; he’s a loyal companion waiting for the chance to prove just how amazing he is!

Pogo is not just a dog; he’s a resilient and loving companion who deserves a chance at a happy life. Despite facing rejection time and again, his spirit remains unbroken, and his heart is full of love. By choosing to adopt Pogo, you’re not only gaining a beautiful and energetic friend but also giving him the loving home he has been patiently waiting for. Be the one to change Pogo’s story and welcome him into your heart and home!

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