Pet ID 253000
Gender Female
Breed DSH Domestic Short Hair
Age 6 months
Price $199
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Meet Paris, a lovely feline companion looking for her forever home!
Paris is a graceful and affectionate cat who embodies the perfect balance of tranquillity and playfulness. At her core, she’s a gentle soul, always ready to shower her human with love and affection. However, she does have some specific preferences and quirks that make her unique.
This delicate darling may prefer a quieter environment without children, as sudden movements or unexpected objects can startle her. Despite her skittish nature, Paris is incredibly loyal and will eagerly follow you around, quietly observing your every move with a curious gaze.
One of Paris’s favourite pastimes is engaging in playful interactions. She enjoys being chased up occasionally, and when she feels ready, she’ll reward you with her adorable presence, inviting you to shower her with affection and belly rubs. While she’s not a lap cat yet, with a bit of training and some tasty treats, she might just cozy up on your lap for some quality cuddle time.
When it comes to play, Paris is a master of acrobatics. She’ll impress you with her agility while engaging in gentle play with cat teasers, soft toys, strings, and her beloved cat tunnel. Although she’s not particularly fond of chasing balls, she’ll happily entertain herself for hours with her favourite toys.
Paris has a discerning palate and prefers clay litter for her toileting needs. With a proper litter setup, she’s diligent about using her box. However, she may need some time to adjust to new litter types.
As for mealtime, Paris enjoys being involved in the process. She’ll sweetly meow beside you as you prepare her food, adding an extra touch of charm to her personality. While she’s not a big drinker, her wet food is supplemented with water to ensure she stays hydrated and healthy.
Despite her refined tastes and occasional quirks, Paris is a delightful companion who will bring joy and companionship to any loving home. If you’re seeking a gentle and affectionate feline friend who appreciates the finer things in life, look no further than Paris. She’s ready to steal your heart with her grace and charm.

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