Waffle & Pancake (Bonded)

Pet ID 251089 & 251088
Gender Male & Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Age 4 months
Price $125 April special
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Waffle and Pancake are two sweet, bonded kittens brimming with energy. They are always eager to engage in play and thoroughly enjoy wrestling with each other. During the day you’ll find them chasing each other around the house, and then the next minute they’ll be sleeping quietly together somewhere. At night, they’ll either have a burst of energy and run around or they’ll sit on your lap and fall asleep.
Their bond is evident as they partake in every activity together, even using the litter box simultaneously. When separated, they, actively seek each other out and vocalize until they are reunited.

Pancake – Very calm personality, a little meow will come from him. Loves to curl up and nap on a human’s lap.

Waffle – He’s a wild child, loves running around, loves picking up his toys in his mouth and just walks around with them. If waffle can’t find Pancake, he’ll start to meow and gets worried, until Pancake jumps out and scares him.

Fun facts:

They love running into the shower after a human has had one, they love playing in the water.

If one goes to the litter tray, the other will follow to help cover up their mess.

If you have room in your heart and home for two affectionate, playful kittens please apply for these two little boys.

For the month of April we are running a special to get our sweet teen cats into their forever home. Their adoption fee will be half price!

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