Narvi and Tarvos (available for foster to adopt)

Pet ID 236963, 236962
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Age 8 weeks
Price $100
Rehoming organisation: R251000234


Narvi and Tarvos came to the shelter in need of some help. It was clear these little ones weren’t used to human touch and their skin looked a little worse for wear. After some initial health checks, it was found that these cuties have ringworm. Although not a serious worm infection (it’s actually a fungal skin infection and nothing to do with worms!) they do need daily meds, but most importantly these little kittens need love. Sydney Dogs and Cats Home will provide all medical care for these two and help their foster carer/adopter through the treatment plan. We are hoping to find these two a comfortable home to go through their treatment and get used to being around people. Already in the time they’ve spent with us their confidence is building and they know just when it’s breakfast time, poking their heads out to say hi to the animal care team. They are typical kittens and love to play and are very good at using their litter trays!

Narvi (Tabby): Narvi is the more confident of the two and LOVES food.

Tarvos (Grey and white): Tarvos is a shy little thing, but loves to play and can often be seen doing the cutest little zoomies.

Pricing is for both kittens together.

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