Minnie + Winnie

Pet ID 251186 + 251187
Gender Female & Female
Breed DSH (Domestic Short Hair)
Age 17 weeks
Price $249 each
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Meet Minnie and Winnie!

These two really are the best of both worlds, being the puurfect duo of feisty and fun (Minnie, tortoiseshell) with laid back and calm (Winnie, black and white).

On the surface these two are like chalk and cheese, Minnie is a typical naughty tortie, if there is mischief to be found she will find it! She will let you know what she wants and when she wants it, she’s feisty, sassy and vocal, but one stroke and she’ll let you know how happy she is with the loudest purr you’ll ever hear!

Winnie on the other hand is placid and calm – nothing phases this girl. She will find any opportunity to position herself into a perfect loaf, always seeking out the nearest sun spot. Pick her up and she will melt in your arms, she is happy to go with whatever comes her way!

But don’t let their contrasting personalities fool you, These two have a strong sister bond and love to do everything together, their personalities complement each other perfectly, and what one does, the other will follow, whether it’s playing, eating, sleeping or getting some strokes.

If you are after a lap cat then these two aren’t it (yet)! They are independent and confident which is part of their magical charm. These kittens would suit being the only animals in the household, and although Winnie would be great with children, Minnie’s feisty side might be a little much with the odd swipe of the paw! These two would ideally suit a young couple looking for their first pets 🙂

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