Mary-Kate & Ashley

Pet ID
Gender Female & Female
Breed DSH Domestic Short Hair
Age 15 weeks
Price $249 each
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Mary-Kate (Black and White) is a lithe kitten and very quick on her feet. She can be timid initially but is very curious and naturally friendly. Mary-Kate is persistent and will give new activities a few tries before giving up. She seeks out toys and will approach people independently for attention. Like her sister, Ashley, Mary-Kate is very quiet but is more than capable of letting you know how she is feeling through facial expression and behaviour.
Mary Kate is an inquisitive and happy kitten who loves to explore and enjoys a pat or to be carried around the house. Mary Kate enjoys chicken, wet food and will happily eat dry food. She enjoys receiving praise and attention and if left unattended, Mary-Kate will explore and make her own fun. She likes to curl up in chairs or on beds and is comfortable in open spaces she is familiar with. Mary-Kate would do well in an interesting household with things going on that she can watch.

Ashley (Calico) is quick on her feet and is developing good hunting skills. She has no trouble climbing and no fear of heights. Ashley is a very cautious kitten and, although it will take her a while to warm up, she can be very affectionate and enjoys a pat or cuddle. Ashley has an extremely loud purr which she employs quite often! Ashley prefers wet food to dry but will eat both. She is very food motivated and this can be a good way to bring her out of her shell. Ashley will play quietly with her sister or find a hidey hole to snuggle up in and will benefit from a quiet, consistent environment. She warms up quickly to other cats and is curious whilst still respecting boundaries. Ashley would suit an owner or owners looking for a companion that will sit quietly with them while they read the paper or come for the occasional cuddle or quick play session on the couch and her calm temperament makes her a pleasure to interact with.

Mary Kate and Ashley can be adopted together or, would be best suited to a home with another resident cat.

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