Pet ID 251149
Gender Female
Breed DSH (Domestic Short Hair)
Age 15 weeks
Price $249
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Magpie is an absolute sweetheart with a gentle and affectionate nature. Once she warms up to you, she becomes very cuddly, purring contentedly and enjoying laying on your chest. Her loving and endearing qualities make her an ideal companion for someone seeking a close and affectionate feline friend.

Magpie is known to be quite affectionate, especially when she’s comfortable in her surroundings. She may become a bit clingy and vocal when separated from her human, displaying her desire for close companionship. This makes her well-suited to a household where someone works from home, providing her the attention and comfort she craves.

Magpie shares a strong bond with her brother, Orca. They love each other’s company and often engage in grooming sessions. Their playful interactions make them an adorable and entertaining pair. It would be lovely if Magpie and Orca could be adopted together! If not, Magpie will need another cat friend to help keep her company.

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