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Jessica Albun (Available from foster care)


PET ID: M2018057

Rabbit - Lop

Age Unknown


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Jessica is a friendly bunny who loves to investigate the house and yard. She is a free spirit and likes to do things on her own terms. As buns love to burrow, a secure yard is recommended. She loves a good nose rub and is an easy going bunny who hangs out most of the day in the sun. She's a cheeky bunny who enjoys throwing her bowl around. Jessica is quite comfortable around dogs, cats and chickens. She gets on well with our male rabbit but not a fan of the female. She is at her happiest free ranging in the yard and is very easy to catch. She is good with older children and getting pats. She is just not a fan of too much attention and needs some down time- like all of us! She is improving with handling and being picked up however still very skittish being put back down. Jessica would thrive with a bunny savvy family who can put in the time to gain her trustAll bunnies adopted from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home come vet checked, desexed, vaccinated and flea treated. Microchipping is recommended. We also happily offer 3 week trials with adoptions - please give us a call to find out more!