Gracie (available from foster care)

Pet ID 240755
Gender Female
Breed DSH
Age 8 months
Price $185
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

This little girl is the beautiful Gracie. She is a sweet, gentle girl who loves a pat. She adores neck and head scratches, and will rub up against you or stand herself up against the nearest wall to ask for attention (see videos). She will also roll over at your feet to ask for belly rubs, making the cutest little air biscuits to let you know she’s enjoying it.
She prefers to sit next to you rather than on you, but if she’s sleepy she may let you pick her up and cuddle her or give her tummy rubs on your lap for a bit.

Gracie is a very curious and inquisitive girl and loves to watch everything that’s going on around her. She also loves to have a chat, and has a very loud purr!

She enjoys playtime, and has quite a relaxed play style, although can sometimes try to play nip. She nips pretty softly and can generally be fairly easily distracted with a toy, but it’s something that should be considered if applying with children.

This beautiful girl would love to find a forever home that will shower her with all the love, attention, and belly rubs she could ever dream of, and she’ll make an incredible addition to the lucky person/people that get to take her home <3

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