Gus- senior boy

Pet ID 253223
Gender Male
Breed Cattle Dog
Age 7 years
Price $199
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Gus is a charming canine companion who’s ready to steal your heart!

Everyone who meets Gus falls head over heels for him, and it’s easy to see why! With his well-trained manners and love for fun, Gus is the perfect addition to any loving home.

Gus thrives in a setting with a spacious backyard where he can indulge in his favorite pastime: playing fetch! While apartment living might not be his preference, with a little creativity, Gus can still enjoy his fetch sessions in a well-cleared space. His coordination skills are impressive – not once did he bump into anything or cause any chaos.

Whether he’s surrounded by a bustling family or serving as someone’s loyal solo companion, Gus adapts effortlessly. He craves attention and affection but also knows how to entertain himself when needed. Even during those rare occasions when he’s left alone for a few hours, Gus remains calm and content, often found chilling out and catching up on the latest TV shows.

Gus is a bright pup who’s already mastered some impressive tricks. He’s a pro at sitting and shaking paws, and he’s so eager to please that he’ll even attempt to shake as a way of asking for food! While he’s still working on perfecting the “lay down” command, his enthusiasm and determination shine through, even if he sometimes confuses it with his favorite handshake.

When it comes to walks, Gus is a model companion. He waits patiently at doors and elevators, looking to his human for guidance before proceeding. And mealtime manners? Gus has those down pat too. He’ll wait for your signal before digging into his breakfast or dinner, showcasing his impeccable manners and respect for routine!

Don’t miss out on the chance to make Gus a cherished member of your family!

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