Eiddie- a friend for your bun!

Pet ID 249884
Gender Female
Breed Rabbit
Age 11 months
Price $165
Desexed YES
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Eiddie is a free spirited, independent bun. While shy at first, once comfortable in her new home she will be a quiet and playful companion enjoying lounging around and exploring her surroundings at her own pace. Being litter trained means she can be let loose as an indoor, free roaming bunny, she is also a very tidy girl who likes to keep her space neat and undisturbed.

Eiddie would best suit a quiet home, as she is still a little reserved, she likes to keep things familiar and can be spooked by too much change in her environment or lots of activity in the home. She is happy playing with her homemade toys and scratching around in her foraging box. While not the most affectionate or willing participant in pats or cuddles she is a sweet lady who will be happy to keep you company.

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