Pet ID 228907
Gender Male
Breed chihuahua
Age Age Unknown
Council Fairfield City Council

I’m Dobby and if there was a competition for ‘precious and adorable little dog’, I’d win every time. I’m looking for my forever home that is quiet (no shouting at the footy score please), predictable, and is ready to accommodate my desire to nap most of the day, preferably in your lap or somewhere close to you. I enjoy long walks, prefer a route I’ve been on before, and want lots of time and patience to really sniff out my hood. I can be a nervous nelly and uncertain about other men in my life and will need a LOT of kindness, patience, and understanding while we develop trust. I’m friendly and curious about other dogs; and I’m keen to play. Like any small dog, I’m nervous around the unknown and will need a hug while I get to know lifts, stairs, or other new obstacles. I love exploring in bushes, around trees, through brush, and any small dog appropriate crevices. I’ll need a very secure home and/or fence to keep me from wandering too far. Really, I just want to be your lap dog, coddled, and see out my days as the adorable and precious little dog champion that I am.

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