Pet ID 249620
Gender Male
Breed Medium Mixed Breed
Age 8 weeks
Price $599
Microchipped YES
Rehoming organisation: R251000234

Choppa is a precious puppy boy with a heart full of love to give. Adopting him means embarking on a rewarding journey filled with boundless joy, laughter, and the purest form of companionship. As he grows and matures, you’ll have the privilege of witnessing his personality blossom into that of a loyal and loving family member!

Choppa is looking for a loving home that can provide him with the care, attention, and guidance he needs as he grows into a well-adjusted adult dog.

If you’re ready to provide a loving forever home to this adorable, very young puppy boy, contact us today to meet Choppa and take the first step toward welcoming him into your family. Your life is about to be enriched by the irresistible charm and endless love of this sweet little pup!

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