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PET ID: U2017031


1 Year


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You can find me at Pet Stock Engadine! OJ is sweet and refreshing, just like his name! He also is always ready to greet new people with his charming ways, with his laid back nature he has shown that not fazed by too much. OJ has light features so this makes him more susceptible to skin cancer, because of this, he will need to be an indoor only cat. We also happily offer 3 week trials with adoptions - please give us a call to find out more! Before your decision is made to adopt and take home a new cat or kitten, please consider the below recommendations: •Any other cats in your household need to be up to date on their vaccinations i.e. last vaccinated at or over 5 months of age within the last 12 months. If in doubt, booster (preferably with modified live vaccine) recommended at least 2 weeks prior to adopting). •If your existing cat is immunocompromised (positive or unknown FIV status), we recommend you do not take a kitten into your home before consulting with our Shelter Vet.